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Rita Soman, MA CADC III

AFC has been providing Counseling in the outpatient setting in the Portland area since 1999.


Our Methods

In addition to Psychotherapy, we use a scientifically proven, simple and self-empowering process called PSYCH-K®. It is a simple and powerful process that engages the 90% of the mind many transformational processes entirely ignore; it even affects the way DNA expresses itself.

It is a ground breaking approach to facilitating change at a Subconscious level.

About The Director

Rita Soman, M.A., CADC III is originally from India. She has 24 years of experience as an Addictions Counselor in Portland, Oregon.She has been in private practice since 1999. She is highly dedicated and committed to helping all those who enter her program either voluntarily or through the legal system. She uses a personalized, holistic, & non-confrontational approach in helping her clients reach their recovery and personal goals.

Her passion and commitment to help the addicted individuals with long-term results motivated her to keep searching for effective methods until she finally found what she was looking for. She now has verification of these methods for over 6 years, as she has received many testimonials from her former clients, who give her program raving reviews and refer others to her program.

She joyfully welcomes all those individuals to her practice who are ready to gain total freedom from their self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs in order to live a happy and free life. She has been successfully staying in business independently without receiving and funding from State.

Her services receive great reviews from the certifying boards every 3 years for the services she provides. She believes in helping her clients to feel free and empowered , and sends them home with some tools to use to support their recovery. She feels very delighted watching her clients transitioning in to self actualization mode.

She also supports her professionals in learning her methods, so that they too can enjoy their personally and professionally fulfilled life like her. She believes that her own transformation makes her more effective in her profession. She believes one must travel the journey with in and heal their own life, prior to helping others.

Rita Soman empowers through transformation. She is a beautiful being of light that embraces change and celebrates diversity while facilitating a journey towards wholeness. She breathes joy and happiness into all that she does and lights a candle of love by planting seeds of good fortune. Rita is one whose unique connection to the universe facilitates harmony and leads those blessed to know her to a place of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

She is simply a joy - a unique and loving being who has made it her vocation to serve, to help heal and to expect 100% change in anyone who commits to her program.

Rita uses PSYCH-K® to help change your beliefs.

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