Saturday, 14 December 2019

PSYCH-K® is an incredible discovery. After working in various aspects of psychiatry and psychotherapy for 40 years - and having had a great deal of experience as a recipient of psychological services as well - I found that working with a trained PSYCH-K practitioner

Rita to be THE most beneficial personal growth experience I have ever had. I truly feel uplifted in a positive and continuing way. I recommend it without reservation.

~SM, PhD

"PSYCH-K is the simplest, most life changing tool anyone could ever learn. For any age, it helps you find your inner power and change your life for the better. Ever since I have been working with Rita Soman I have:

*Over come a severe drug addiction,

*been able to get off all medication for depression and ADD,

*got myself back into school (I haven't been in 5 years!)

*I've been getting healthy- working out and eating right,

* and learned how to manage my money better and start and savings account that is stacking up!

I could never do any of this before and stay consistent with it all to actually follow through... by changing your beliefs it makes it so easy to where your not fighting against yourself or failing over and over. Give this a try, you'll accomplish more than you could ever imagine!!"

Thank you Rita for everything!!