Saturday, 21 May 2022

"I would like to thank you Rita for all of your help throughout my treatment process. You have created a very unique program which focuses on moving forward and making improvements instead of dwelling on the past. I have been through numerous drug and alcohol related rehabs and treatments and yours has been the only one that has helped me stay sober.

The other programs spent very little time on progressing forward and finding alternatives to using drugs and drinking while yours has been based on changing my thinking patterns and changing my life for the better."

By focusing on the future and changing my subconscious I can see the errors of my thinking and actions in the past without dwelling in the past, so by appreciating how good life is without using drugs and alcohol it is hard to contemplate returning to my old self debilitating activities.

Thank you again and I would recommend you to anyone who is trying to stay sober.

~KH (Gresham)

"I had addiction problems, behavioral issues, self esteem issues, marriage problems, depression, and thoughts I didn't want to have. In just a short time with Rita, I began to fell like a "new" man. Life now is a beautiful experience, my marriage is the best it's ever been in 27 years, and I don't have to worry about going back to the person I was before. That "other" miserable person is gone forever."


Sincerely, ~DS


Walter Jacobson, MD


"Thank you for making contact. I am amazingly well. Of course my wish list keeps filling up with things I want to work on & improve. But the PSYCH-K techniques I've learned from you totally facilitate all those improvements. Also, I'm totally over all my old substance-abuse issues.

 The big news is, I've decided I want to become a mental health professional so I can facilitate people helping themselves with PSYCH-K. This is very recent intuitive hit. I realized it only two weeks ago, so I am meditating on my true objectives for this. I'd appreciate any ideas, advice, counsel you might have. I feel very strongly about this career choice and I am very grateful for your presence in my life."



"At first I was skeptical about this cutting edge program, I proceeded not really understanding the changes that you can make in your life. I now love the way it works and how much my life is better for it. Not only helping with alcohol, but also, removing a lot of past blocks so that I could be motivated to finish school and become a certified dog trainer. I still plan to use PSYCH-K in everyday life. After feeling completely stuck in life to having all the good things happen. I know this process works."



In an ever escalating world, where challenges and fear could conceivably render a global apathy, Rita and PSYCH-K are an authentic, enthusiastic Crusade for good....and I for one am very grateful....

~John Barnes Pearson



Rita Soman - A Radiant Spirit serving the Soul of Humanity.




Rita Soman is a practitioner of spirit whose life and work are an oasis for the soul. Hers is a journey of truth, love and beauty that enriches and inspires. She helps those who partake of her services to not only live a better life but also find true clarity and embrace their inner self.

Hers is an illuminated consciousness which cultivates wellness while inspiring the awakening spirit. She creates possibilities and heightens awareness all the while uplifting humanity and celebrating the beauty of ones soul.